Soap Dogs (VRChat Canine Avatar Base)

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Make sure to read the entire 🔗TOS & avatar information before you buy! Refunds are not accepted under any circumstances due to this being a digital product.

The silliest sudsy puppies around! 🧼🐶

Soap Dogs are style siblings to Soap Cats, but they are not the same base! They are a collaboration between me and @caveworfs. They designed the original concept art for the avatar! :)

CarrdCommunity & Support Discord👚Clothing DLC here!

🔗You can find demo avatars here!

Avatar Features

  • Lots of parts! (Too many to list, check the image gallery out :))
  • Customizable hair (You can mix & match parts of the Scene and Emo hair together)
  • Asymmetrical design & 2D texture painting friendly
  • Created with the intention of making mesh editing / custom blendshapes very easy to do!
  • VRChat Stuff
    • Puppets: Eye, tail
    • Sliders: Nose length, sniff speed, eye spacing, tail wag speed
    • Contacts: proximity boop, headpat
    • Toggles: Collar, claws, tail curl (only for the big curl tail), tired / lazy eyes
  • MMD World Compatible!
  • Soap Bar DLC - Lets you eat soap or make others (with it installed) eat soap :)

Things to note!

  • This avatar base requires the use of Blender! Blender allows the avatar to be at a "Good" performance level! Because this isn't common for avatar bases I am always willing to help 🔗and I have also made a super thorough upload tutorials! Knowledge of Blender is not required at all, the tutorial will walk you through every step needed ♥
  • Tech Support
    • I am new to using Substance Painter, I'll try my best to help if needed, but I do not guarantee any support related to Substance Painter.
    • I am providing Blender / Unity Support only for what is needed for uploading and using the base.
    • In general, if something is not advertised on this page, I cannot guarantee technical support for it (such as conversion to vtubers or other games)
  • They are not Quest compatible
  • I do not have FBT, but I've had a lot of people test it and I've been told it feels good in FBT :)


I've had to move my TOS to be hosted on Google Drive, please make sure to read it before you purchase! :)


Because this product is completely digital, I am NOT accepting refunds for any reason. 

If you are having any issues uploading the avatar or with the base files, please contact me and I'll do my absolute best to help!


I want this!

No refunds

Since this is a digital product, it is impossible to "return". I also have no ability of telling if you have downloaded the files. If you have any issues with the base though, please contact me and I'll do my absolute best to help :)

If you've accidentally overpaid for a 2D base while meaning to buy the regular base (need to have paid at least 5$ over the corresponding 3D base) feel free to reach out to me by email ( and I can either partially refund you the difference, or give you a coupon code for the difference with no expiry date!
If you’ve paid the exact price of the 3D base, I will give you a coupon for however much off makes the 3D base = 5$ :)

Last updated May 8, 2024

SoapDogs VRChat Avatar Base

Avatar Performance
Premade Avatars
.spp (Substance Painter)
PC Only
No Quest
Silly Levels
Dangerously high
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Soap Dogs (VRChat Canine Avatar Base)

64 ratings
I want this!