(Soap Cats & Soap Dogs) Clothing DLC

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Make sure to read the entire 🔗TOS & DLC information before you buy! Refunds are not accepted under any circumstances due to this being a digital product.

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These are clothes for the 🔗Soap Cat base and the 🔗Soap Dog base! You are not required to own one of the bases to purchase these, but you are on your own for any kind of tech support related to other avatars.

In the future I plan to release more packs! If you've bought one pack, you get a discount on future ones :)

Extra Info


I've had to move my TOS to be hosted on Google Drive, please make sure to read it before you purchase! :)


Because this product is completely digital, I am NOT accepting refunds for any reason.

If you are having any issues uploading the DLC or with the base files, please contact me and I'll do my absolute best to help!


  • February 9th, 2023
    • Hoodie with no pocket was missing some geometry on the back of the right arm, oops! Should be fixed :) (Version 1.1)
  • July 11th, 2023
    • Moved textures outside of the cat clothes ZIP since they are shared between SoapCats and SoapDogs
    • Added a modified version of the cat clothes to work for🔗Soap Dogs

I want this!

No refunds

Since this is a digital product, it is impossible to "return". I also have no ability of telling if you have downloaded the files. If you have any issues with the base though, please contact me and I'll do my absolute best to help :)

Last updated Sep 30, 2023

for importing clothes (optional)
for clothes setup
transparency masks for the body mesh
for each clothing item (13)
"readme" instructions
is optional! but reccomended
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(Soap Cats & Soap Dogs) Clothing DLC

26 ratings
I want this!